Bridget the elephant

Well I don’t know where October went but it certainly wasn’t spent here! Not to worry. I feel like I’ve been doing a fair bit of sewing and knitting and stuff, but mainly bits of housey things. I hadn’t felt like sewing clothes at all for a while, but suddenly I have a surge of clothes-making energy. I’ve been trying to think of things that are flexible enough for after the baby is here, with nursing and changing shape and all that, and it’s difficult! If you have any thoughts I’d be very grateful!

I made this elephant in September I think, but for some reason I’m only just getting around to blogging about her. Anyway, here she is!



This is Bridget the elephant, from Edward’s Menagerie. I really love this book. I still haven’t made that much from it, but I do flick through it from time to time and enjoy how cute all the animals are. My attempt at Piotr the polar bear is here. I’m kind of encouraged by my progress on crochet-ing when I look at that – I’m still not very good, but the texture is certainly more even, there are less holes, and I think this one came together much faster. I used Rowan tweed in a charcoal colour, and it worked excellently. The tweed gives it a really nice texture, and the thick-thinness of the tweed didn’t matter anywhere near as much as I expected.


I really like the way the ears are made – they’re slightly concave disks that you then sew in half and attach to the head. The instructions for assembling the animals are pretty helpful in this book actually – I’m not very good at working out when things look right, but I find that if I follow them carefully it turns out OK.

So there we go! Not much else to say about that really. What have you been making recently?

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