Southport maxi dress

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for maybe a month. This is one of those rare projects where I know exactly what I want to make, what event for, and what fabric I plan to use. In fact I can point to this very post as evidence. I realise general wisdom is that those things should always be the case, and I condone that! But I’m afraid I tend to be a lot more slapdash. At any time I tend to have a long list (on google keep, which I love!) of what I’m planning to sew, believing fervently that I will sew all those things. Then I notice something else and sew that on a whim. And so it continues.  Planning (or rather sticking with the plan) is something I’m trying to  get better at though! So we’ll see. How do you plan your sewing?


Anyway! On to the dress. This is the Southport maxi dress, view B. I’ve made view A before, and wear it quite often. Now that my belly’s got bigger, it’s started to hang quite funnily, so I was hoping the wider, more A-line skirt of view B would be better. And I think it was! The fabric also helped, as it’s much drapier. This is a dark blue cotton twill from Backstitch. Tragically they no longer sell it. It’s soft, drapey, lovely to sew, opaque but light, a gorgeous colour – almost teal-y rather than navy – and I love it. But never mind. I’ve never owned a maxi dress before, so I was a little apprehensive, but I love it! England isn’t really ideal maxi dress territory, what with our unpredictable torrential rain, so I’m not sure it’ll get much wear day to day. But I’m glad I’ve got one. Maybe I’ll even make another, maybe in a knit. Oooooo impromptu planning.


I wore this for a wedding last weekend. I’m not the only person to go down the maxi-Southport-wedding dress route recently, although sadly ours was not in Mexico but in London. I had every intention of getting some lovely photos somewhere original, but in the event I got totally distracted by the wedding itself and catching up with people, and so we never  did sneak off for a photo shoot. Probably better on the whole! So I’m afraid we’re stuck with the grass in front of my house again. And a slightly haggard-looking me after a long middle-of-the-night car journey back oop north.


Like last time, I enjoyed making this dress. The instructions are great, I love little details like the bartacks on the pockets and how the waistband casing is constructed. I was more careful with the bias binding this time, and I think it’s sitting a little better. I shorted the bodice again to make it empire line (for the bump) and lengthened the skirt accordingly. So maybe this isn’t a true southport. If you want to see what it should look like, have a look herehere (in fact that’s the one that made me so fixed on this idea – I love her dress!), or here (in the horse’s mouth, as it were).



I’m a little sad since when I made this (about a month ago) it fit pretty well, but since then there has been significant growth. It’s coping just fine with the bump, but you can see some straining in the bust. Booooo! Maybe I should give up on wovens for a bit and sew knits. In theory I plan to wear it a couple more times in the next month, for fancy dinners and a wedding, so we’ll  see how that goes… Maybe it’ll just end up in my wardrobe along with all the other things I hope to be able to wear again one day! Are you a maxi dress convert?




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