Autumn delayed

Good evening! It’s a long time since I wrote anything here, I have quite a few things I’ve made and haven’t blogged. Most particularly this:


The little munchkin is nearly 6 months old now and it’s whizzed by. She was 11 days late and I still only just finished the quilt I was making for her. A lot of third trimester laziness going on by the end I’m afraid!

What with all the changing body shape business over the last few months I’ve been a lot more into quilting. I do love the fact that everything will definitely fit, I don’t have to measure myself or faff on with alterations, especially when I know things will probably keep changing. Do you have types of project that you turn to in turbulent times, or when you want something that you know won’t cause you too much bother? I just wanted to get sewing! And to end up with something pleasing.

For some reason I got very into the idea of quilting with solid fabrics. Maybe because of the clean modernness of it, maybe because I don’t have to think as hard about which fabrics to put where, who knows. I read this post about choosing yarn colours using photos of all sorts of scenes and I found it really interesting. I decided to attempt the same idea with quilts, so I set about choosing some inspirational autumnal images.


I then trawled the available kona solids colours and came up with this palette

Seventeen shades of kona solids
Seventeen shades of kona solids

Some of the shades are very similar, but I think this helps give the finished quilt a bit of depth. I bought a fat quarter of each, which gave me plenty for a couple of quilts.

And here’s the first one. I decided to do a basket weave design, and I’m really pleased with it. The colours are nice and muted, but not dowdy, and I feel like baskets are quite autumnal – perhaps they conjure up images of harvest festival.


This quilt is currently available in my Etsy store, so if you like it then please have a look.

IMG_0071 IMG_0125IMG_0073


The backing contains a feather print, which I think complements the top really well



I’d love to know what sorts of images you’d choose to build a colour scheme. I think I might have another go at this soon so I’m up for hearing some good ideas!



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