Happy new year!

#2017makenine is an initiative from Lucky Lucille, encouraging makers to be intentional about their makes, by selecting nine items they’d like to make over the year, according to what would work well with their wardrobes and lifestyles, what is missing at the moment and so on. I think this is a great idea, so I’m joining in! If you google 2017makenine you’ll find loads of posts of plans, I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

Since the birth of the little bear (who is now 1), I’m finding I have very little time to sew, and when I do get some time to myself, one of several things happens:

  • I can’t be bothered to sew, so I knit instead (or do nothing)
  • I find more useful things I could be doing
  • I’m so overwhelmed by the many things I’d like to do that I end up doing none of them

I’d love it if, instead, I had already planned several (nine, maybe?) things I’d like to make, that I know will work together (or work for me), that I already have what I need for, and so I can begin. Foolproof!

Over the last year or two I’ve found the thought of sewing for myself depressing or futile, because my shape has been changing so much, and because most of the time I’ve not been the size I’d like to be. Seamstress Erin has written a great couple of posts recently about this – it has affected me a lot more than I would have expected. Happily though, I am now the same weight (and shape, roughly) as I was before I was pregnant – huzzah! Since I now fit in all my old clothes, mostly me-made, I’m finding getting dressed a bit more fun.

There are a couple of considerations though…

  1. I’m breastfeeding, which means my boobs have to be accessible at all (or most) times.
  2. We’re trying to be much more sensible with money at the moment, so as far as possible I will use patterns and fabric that I already own.

That was a fairly big intro! Thanks for sticking with it. So here we go, what would I like to make this year?

1. Christine Haynes Marianne



I bought this in desperation in November when I was about to go out for a Christmas do and had nothing to wear. I couldn’t go shopping (because I didn’t want to) but I had a remnant of sparkly ponte roma I’d been saving for just such an occasion, and this fitted the bill of being quick to make, easy to fit, and not too greedy where yardage is concerned. I love the pattern, but I’m not an everyday sparkly type of girl, so I’m going to make another in a petrol french terry.






2. Deer and Doe Chardon

Beautiful yellow chardon by Bee made

I’ve loved the look of this skirt since I first saw it, and there are some beautiful versions out there. I love this one by the Quirky Peach, and this stunning yellow one (if you read french it’s here). I have a few potential fabrics for this – some denim (like the first one) and some yellow linen (like the second one – no originality here), and some rust flannel. I’ll make one and see how I get on…

I might sneak a couple of Brumbies and Simplicity 2226’s under this heading as well. The simplicity skirt is especially fab, since it sits below the natural waist, therefore not squishing my tummy and opening up the world of longer tops to go with it.



3. Deer and doe Ondee

One thing I struggle with about skirts that sit on the natural waist (like chardon) is what to wear on top. I’m not always a fan of tucking stuff into them, because I feel very conscious of my tummy flab. So I’m hoping these will provide a nice suitable alternative. In an excitable moment I purchased this puffin fabric, in the hope that I could get an ondee for me and maybe some sort of tunic for my daughter. Maybe we’ll wear them together!







4. Grainline archer

I’ve made a couple of archers before, but I got all over-enthusiastic with the fit. I’d like to start again, and keep the nice loose look. I’m not too sure what fabric I’ll use for this, but I’m sure I’ll find something…

5. Cashmerette Springfield

Sitting here next to the Christmas tree at 3pm, and it’s already dusk, it feels inconceivable this this will ever be appropriate wear, but it will! I was very excited when Cashmerette released this, as I’ve never found a tank pattern that fits nicely. I have various bits of cotton lawn sat around for just this pattern. The Deer and Doe Datura is another tank top pattern that I’d love to get working for me, and would be great for using up small-ish pieces.

6. True Bias Emerson

Another one for the summer… I love the shape of these, and the cheeky elasticated waist. One can’t be always wearing skirts with a toddler to chase, and these seem like the ideal alternative. I’m not too sure about fabric yet, perhaps some linen, or maybe some light denim.








7. Brooklyn Tweed Benton


Phew! Back to the safety of nice woolly jumpers. I’ve had this cast on in some Rowan felted tweed (I think) for ages, and have knitted the back and most of the front. For some reason I never seem to get into it for very long. But I think if I did eventually finish it, I would love it! I first came across the pattern when Jen from Grainline posted hers, and mine is quite similar colour-wise.


8. Grainline Linden

I’ve made this pattern a couple times, including my maternity linden, which I loved. 

I made another in the cropped view, and every time I wore it I got loads of compliments.

So I figure I should make some more! It’s so comfy, and so quick to make, there’s really no reason not to.


9. Closet case files Ginger jeans

The big one! I’ve made these a couple of times too, but never got them quite right. I think I got a bit aggressive when altering the crotch curve. I’ve changed shape a lot now anyway, so this demands me to re-measure and fit and so on. But I’ve got quite a few pieces of denim waiting, and no jeans that fit, so I should get a shimmy on! Then I will have something to wear with all my lindens and archers, and my benton…


So there are my plans! We’ll see how I get on. Even if I fail dramatically, it was fun to think about it (while I could have been sewing…).

What about you? Have you picked your nine? Or are you in planning mode for the new year?



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