Colette Moneta: take 2….

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the summer (or winter, if you’re all the way down south!) so far. We’re in North Wales at the moment, having a great time.

And yesterday afternoon, the weather was so nice I got to wear this! My new Colette Moneta.

This isn’t North Wales, it’s actually a field near our house. I pass it on my way to work every day and think how nice it is with all the poppies, so we popped by on our way to get some food at the weekend.

After my first moneta, which I liked the fit of, but feels a bit spangly to be wearing just generally, I decided to make a more casual one. I had this desert blanket fabricΒ from the Arizona collection by April Rhodes, which I had been saving for something. Not something in particular, but just saving because it’s very nice, and I was scared to use it on something I wasn’t sure about. So it’s been sat in my knit fabric box for ages, which probably defeats the point of buying nice fabric! But never mind. Do you have any fabric that you’re very aware of, but can never quite bring yourself to use?


Anyway, here it is now! In pictures the fabric looks white with a pattern on, but in person (?) the base colour is definitely peach. Peach is not a colour I wear very much of at all (or like, actually), but I really liked this pattern, and the mustard and navy parts, so I went for it. The moneta went smoothly as ever – this time I kept with a M in the shoulders and sleeves, but graded to a L from the bust down, and I think the fit in the top has improved. I used the proper skirt piece (rather than a rectangle, as with this one) and it makes a big difference – there is a lot less bulk at the waist area. I did the same as before and chopped the bottom 2″ off the bodice, and I think that puts it just in the right place for the bump. I should probably look at making some of the others things from my plans really, it won’t be summer forever!


Pockets again! I’ve heard a lot of people say they’ve not bothered with them (and others in dresses in fairly light fabrics), because you can’t put anything in without distorting the hang of the skirt. Which is probably true, but I do it anyway. And one thing it isn’t true of is tissues! So it’s worth it just for that I think. I have the sneezes at this time of year. Especially when I do daft things like go standing in the middle of a field…


So there we go! I don’t think I have anything more to say. Do you pass anywhere nice on your way to work? Do you keep anything in dress pockets? Or do you leave them out?

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7 thoughts on “Colette Moneta: take 2….

  1. oh! i like this πŸ™‚ i want more cute and comfy dresses and this fits the bill. good job. i always leave the pockets in and usually if it doesn’t have them, i add them. on my way to work it’s just more businesses :/

    1. Yeah it’s nice and simple and definitely comfy πŸ™‚ I guess I am pretty fortunate in my work journey, it’s mostly nice countryside.

  2. I usually use pockets when I don’t know what else to do with my hands when feeling awkward. Ive not yet sewn a knit dress but I’d skip the pockets to avoid that lumpy pocket look you get when you put something in there.

    1. Yeah it’s nice and simple and definitely comfy πŸ™‚ I guess I am pretty fortunate in my work journey, it’s mostly nice countryside.

  3. I always add pockets! Even if I don’t use them for “long term storage” they can be useful for carrying some money to the coffee shop so I don’t need to carry my wallet, or stashing things so you have both hands free! And yes, tissues, I’m always sneezing!
    I absolutely love the fabric, it’s so beautiful and looks really good on you too. Your photos are also beautiful, I love the red flowers in the background!

    1. Thanks so much Clemence! I’m glad to hear from another pocket-lover πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind comments about the fabric too – I was quite nervous about it because I rarely wear pale colours. Then I remembered why because I got sauce, pen and oil on myself in one morning πŸ™ But maybe it’ll teach me to be tidier!

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