Chambray Southport dress

Hello all! If you’re in the UK I hope you’re enjoying our actual summer, and stayed safe during the thunderstorms. If you’re from anywhere else, you probably laugh at our piddly 30 degrees and our measly little thunderstorms! But please humour us.

Here’s a dress I’ve been enjoying for a couple of weeks, but only just got round to photographing – the True Bias Southport dress.

If you look closely you can see my sock-marks. So please don’t!

I sewed it up in a lovely chambray that I had just the right amount of. I have no idea where it came from. When I looked in my box of dress appropriate fabric there were about 5 different types of chambray in there. Maybe I have a problem… But it’s nice – not too bright blue and you can see the crossweave effect.

I originally sewed a 14, going off my bust measurement. The southport is drafted for a C cup, so I thought that would be fine, but I’ve since altered it so it’s more like a 12. I wonder now if maybe it looks better with a decent amount of ease on a more petite figure, but when you get (ahem) bustier, perhaps it’s better a bit closer fitting. I also raised the underarm a little, since it was quite low.

I didn’t shorten the bodice at all (although I think I should have by maybe 1″), so if you have a long torso perhaps it would be wise to lengthen it a bit. It’s worked out well for me though because it sits fairly well over the bump.


Looking at the photo above, there’s a bit of pooling in the back. It may well be that that’s just because the waistband is riding up a bit to get above the bump, so when I shorten the bodice next time it should be gone. It doesn’t bother me anyway as it’s meant to be a casual dress.

There are lots of lovely details on this dress. The pockets have little bartacks above and below, which makes them stay in place better. I think I’ll be doing that to all my inseam pockets from now on! I was pleasantly surprised by how simple the waistband casing was, and how it mostly looks quite neat.



I wasn’t thinking straight when I attached the bias binding to the armholes, so it’s ended up as a trim rather than inside. But maybe it adds a splash of interest. Hmmm. Have you had any sewing accidents that have come good (or that you’ve put a positive spin on)?

One thing I love about this dress (from a practical point of view) is that it uses four buttons! I am forever seeing nice buttons and buying them in silly numbers like 4 or 5. And then every time I make a button down shirt or dress or skirt, surprise surprise, I don’t have enough! Numpty.


To make the skirt a little wider, I added a couple of inches front and back and put in some box pleats. Looking at some of the photos though, the skirt does hang a bit funny on me (you can see it swinging forward in the photo above), so I think next time I might try the maxi skirt piece, which is more flared.

I say that casually, like I haven’t really thought about next time, but that’s a lie. I have some midnight blue cotton twill that I’ve been saving for a while, and I’ve decided it is GOING TO BE a maxi Southport. I’m particularly inspired by this one. We have a couple of weddings and whatnot over the next few months, so I need something slightly more dressy looking, but definitely still comfy. I have visions of myself swooshing gracefully around church yards and receptions. Hmmm. We’ll see how that goes…


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8 thoughts on “Chambray Southport dress

    1. Thanks Melissa! If it makes you feel better i don’t seem to have that much apart from chambray! I always wish I had more prints but I never seem to find stuff I like.

  1. It looks so soft and comfortable for summer! If I could get my hands on more chambray in colors that I loved, I couldn’t think of a better use for it than this. I agree about the buttons. I can usually find 4 in my stash of matching buttons. Once a pattern requires 5, the odds of finding a match go down by about 80%, and I HATE making a trip to the store for just buttons.

    1. Thanks! I’m excited to wear my maxi version – I’m scared of spilling something on it or trailing it in mud! Should be on the blog by early next week though 🙂

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